What we're watching: Nov 21 to Nov 27, 2016

♦ We should learn this week who President-elect Trump plans to appoint to some of the biggest international relations jobs in his administration: secretary of state, secretary of defence, and secretary of homeland security. Maybe also ambassadors to the UN and NATO.
♦ By next Sunday, it should be confirmed that France is moving in the same direction politically as the US and UK. On Nov 20, former PM Francois Fillon unexpectedly thumped his main rivals in the first round of elections for his Republican Party's presidetial nomination and looks set to win handily in the second round on Nov 27. He has been endorsed by former president Nicolas Sarkozy. Fillon has been described as a "social conservative, free-market reformer who admires Margaret Thatcher" and he appears to hold positions similar to Trump on Russia, ISIS and Syria.
♦ Meanwhile, La Francophonie will be holding its 16th summit in Madagascar Nov 26-27, trying hard to be relevant. The conference theme is "Croissance partagée et développement responsable : les conditions de la stabilité du monde et de l’espace francophone". The Secretary General is Canada's former Governor-General, Michaelle Jean.

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United Nations Police joined forces with Haitian National Police officers to conduct a security operation searching for weapons and gang members in Croix de Bouquet. In total 7 people were detained during the 3 hour operation. Photo Marco Dormino

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