North Korea

North Korea: This time we’re really s...

Sep 13, 2017

A week after North Korea’s sixth test of a nuclear weapon, this one a high-yield hydrogen bomb, followed by an emergency UN Security Council meeting

Looking inside the UN Security Council on N...

Sep 08, 2017

On Monday, September 4, the UN Security Council held another “emergency session” on North Korea. During the hour and half meeting, members “strongly condemned” North

All North Korea options are bad, but pick o...

Aug 14, 2017

The issue The latest news from North Korea is not to be dismissed as just another report about another missile test. Nor should US warnings

Moscow plays it cool on the North Korean nu...

May 22, 2017

The following is an extract from an op-ed by Dmitri Trenin, Director of the Carnegie Moscow Center. The article was originally published in Global Times,

Thinking About Canada’s Security and ...

Jan 04, 2016

New government — new changes ahead? Stand by for defence and foreign policy reviews. Except that the parameters of those reviews probably won’t change much.

Camping in North Korea

Worst idea of the day: camping in North Kor...

Jun 20, 2014

Forget Disneyland, the Loire Valley or the Great Barrier Reef. If you’re looking for an international holiday experience, look no further than the nearest genocidal