North Korea: This time we’re really s...

Sep 13, 2017

cheap prednisone 10mg A week after North Korea’s sixth test of a nuclear weapon, this one a high-yield hydrogen bomb, followed by an emergency UN Security Council meeting

All North Korea options are bad, but pick o...

Aug 14, 2017

where can i buy phenergan The issue The latest news from North Korea is not to be dismissed as just another report about another missile test. Nor should US warnings

China launches a monster oil exploration ri...

Mar 21, 2017 In early March, China’s state broadcaster announced the launch of what it claims to be the world’s largest and deepest operating offshore oil exploration platform.

China loses badly in court, but doesn’...

Jul 18, 2016

visit their website China has suffered one of the most ignominious legal defeats ever handed out to a major power by an international court.  On 12 July 2016,

Aghan peace talks still going nowhere

Jan 12, 2016

Following a remarkably successful few months on the battlefield, the Taliban have recently sustained some military setbacks which have raised hopes they will be more

The little known legal battle over the Sout...

Jan 04, 2016

While the world’s attention has focused on US and Australian naval and air patrols challenging China’s claim to 90% of the South China Sea, the

Thinking About Canada’s Security and ...

Jan 04, 2016

New government — new changes ahead? Stand by for defence and foreign policy reviews. Except that the parameters of those reviews probably won’t change much.

Asia/Pacific: Three reasons why Canada need...

Aug 28, 2015

Canada’s vital foreign policy interest lies in getting right its relations with the United States, including such mundane things as border management and an array

China and Japan

China finds news ways to irritate Japan

Jul 08, 2014

China appears bound and determined to flex its muscle and alienate itself from other countries in the Asia-Pacific region. After setting up new oil rigs

China South China Sea

Does China have a hidden agenda?

Jul 01, 2014

The recent tension between China and other Asian nations has been curious to some observers. According to the Australian government, antagonizing its neighbours such as