Our CF-18s are still doing bombing runs in ...

Oct 27, 2015

In its election platform, the incoming Liberal government announced it would end Canada’s combat mission in Iraq and refocus Canada’s military contribution in the region

What others thought of our election

Oct 27, 2015

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL The Conservatives’ campaign highlighted Mr. Harper’s role in leading Canada relatively unscathed through the financial crisis and recession, and their ads

The new government’s international po...

Oct 27, 2015

On October 19, Canadians chose Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party to form their next government.  During the election campaign, the Liberals published their plan

Asia/Pacific: Three reasons why Canada need...

Aug 28, 2015

Canada’s vital foreign policy interest lies in getting right its relations with the United States, including such mundane things as border management and an array

At Foreign Affairs, they don’t think ...

Jul 22, 2015

The legislation which grants Canada’s security agencies new legal powers to combat terrorism is now the law of the land. This hasn’t ended the fracas

Sorties: News from the real world of the F-...

Jul 22, 2015

Dead meat in air battle? In January, an F-35 stealth fighter was pitted against an F-16 in a simulated “dogfight” at a test range over

Canada’s unknown peacekeeping mission

Jun 02, 2015

It is the most important international peacekeeping mission anywhere in the world today. It may also be the most successful in history. After four wars

The Real Peter MacKay

Jun 02, 2015

Peter MacKay has announced he is retiring from politics and will not be running in the next federal election. His accomplishments were many, beginning with

Ukraine: Six questions behind the march to ...

May 07, 2015

For the moment, the war in Ukraine has dropped from the headlines.  But things are happening which could take it to a whole new level

Canada is not at War in Iraq (and Combat is...

Feb 17, 2015

Matthew Fisher had it right. The recent parliamentary discussion over the role of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) in Iraq is largely foolish and naïve.