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Britain outlines its negotiating objectives...

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On 17 January 2017, the British government outlined its objectives for the Brexit negotiations which are expected to start in March. In doing so, Prime Minister Theresa May signalled the most dramatic turn in the direction of

What use is the UN if it can’t help S...

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The United Nations was supposed to be an institution of global order, a new Magna Carta for the world. “We, the peoples of the United Nations”, said its charter, were “determined to save succeeding generations from the

The Mental Standstill that Cripples the Mid...

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Have you ever wondered why “a just and lasting peace” in the Middle East is no closer today than 70 years ago? It was 1947 when the members of the United Nations decided that the only solution

Is this the beginning of the end for the In...

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With great expectations and over many objections, the International Criminal Court was set up in 2002 to be the court of last resort in prosecuting war crimes, genocide and other crimes against humanity. The Court’s jurisdiction was to

Three questions about Canada’s next p...

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The Canadian government has announced it intends to augment Canada’s contribution to UN peacekeeping and has gone in search of a mission to make good on this commitment. The region it has selected is Africa, where there

What to do about the barbarians? Eight stat...

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Barbarians at the gates? They’re already in the town square. How could this be? The Western democracies possess the most sophisticated intelligence gathering systems, multi-layered defences, and formidable military power ever devised. Yet their responses so far

Why on earth is Canada sending troops to La...

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At the NATO Summit in Warsaw last week, the leaders of the Western alliance finally decided that it was time to do something serious to deter Russia from further intimidating the eastern flank allies. Under Poland’s leadership,