Angela Merkel à Washington et à Ottawa : convaincante ?

Feb 14, 2015
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Ferry de Kerckhove

read this post here Le spectacle offert par la visite éclair de la chancelière allemande en Amérique du Nord, aux yeux du président Poutine de Russie, n’a pas dû l’impressionner. L’étalage, si discret soit-il, de la divergence fondamentale entre la poursuite pure et simple de la négociation diplomatique, d’un côté, et l’évocation de la possibilité d’armer l’Ukraine pour l’aider à se défendre, ne renforce

5 Books for 2015 Current Events

Five books to explain the world in 2015 Sometimes it takes more than the morning paper and the evening news to understand what’s going on. Herewith five books The Vimy Report recommends to its readers to provide context for today’s fast moving events. Modern Times: The World from the Twenties to the Nineties, by Paul Johnson, Harper Collins, 1991 There’s nothing like a good history of the last

Ukraine unrest

The battle for Ukraine – what’s happening?

Oct 30, 2014
The Vimy Report

It’s not quiet on the eastern front. The media in Canada hasn’t reported much from Ukraine since separatists shot down a Malaysian passenger jet on July 17. But that’s a reflection of the media’s attention deficit disorder, not what’s happening. Government forces have succeeded in retaking most of the territory lost earlier, the rebels have had to hand over direction

Malaysia Airlines Flight 17

What does U.S. intelligence know in the aftermath of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17? Not much

According to a recent report, senior U.S. intelligence officials were completely in the dark and continue to be so. Other than a quite-obvious observation that providing arms to pro-Russian rebels in the Ukraine has created the conditions for such a tragedy, intelligence personnel don’t have much else. What they do know: the kind of missile (SA-11 surface-to-air) the attack originated

Canada and Russia relations

Russia: sorry Canada, we’re just not that into you

In a recent interview with the Canadian Press, Russian Ambassador Georgiy Mamedov said Russia learned nothing of value from information provided by former Canadian navy officer Jeffrey Delisle. Delisle began selling Western military secrets in 2007, and over the course of four years Mamedov claims that nothing they received registered much more than a yawn. “Russia gained nothing whatsoever,” he

Russia moves into Ukraine

Russia back at it in Ukraine

Jun 20, 2014
The Vimy Report

Only a few weeks after withdrawing troops from Ukraine, Russia has once again begun a build-up of its army on the border. Last month, Putin ordered his military to withdraw from the border in an apparent attempt to ease the crisis, and NATO confirmed that the bulk of an estimated 40,000 Russian troops had pulled back. But on Thursday, NATO