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UK-Russia war of words (so far) over the Litvinenko findings

Jan 25, 2016
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Vimy Intel Team

UK Home Secretary Theresa May statement to Parliament Jan 21 on the publication of the Report into the death of Alexander Litvinenko (extracts) Mr Litvinenko’s death was a deeply shocking event. Despite the ongoing police investigation, and the efforts of the Crown Prosecution Service, those responsible have still not been brought to justice. Although the Inquiry cannot assign civil or criminal

Putin “probably approved” Litvinenko murder

Jan 22, 2016
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The Vimy Report

A British judicial inquiry into the death of Alexander Litvinenko in London in November 2006 has found that the Russian dissident was murdered in an FSB operation which was “probably approved by Mr. Patrushev and also by President Putin”. Nikolai Patrushev was head of the FSB in 2006. The inquiry was set up at the end of July 2014 under

Putin unloads his wrath on Turkey, promises retribution

Dec 09, 2015
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Vimy Intel Team

On December 3, Vladimir Putin delivered his annual Presidential Address to the Federal Assembly in St. George’s Hall in the Kremlin, before an audience of more than a thousand invited guests. Putin began by expressing his gratitude to the Russian servicemen “fighting international terrorism” and honouring the memory of the soldiers who had given their lives fighting and the citizens

It’s not over in the Crimea: Insurgents are fighting back

Nov 23, 2015
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Vimy Intel Team

Insurgents have attacked Crimea’s power grid. Early on Friday, November 22, saboteurs set explosions which brought down pylons supporting four of the main power lines feeding large sections of the peninsula, principally the cities of Simferopol, Yalta and Saky. When repair crews attempted to reach one of the sites (Chaplinka in the region of Kherson) where two of four transmission

Russian ideology after Crimea

Oct 06, 2015
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Excerpted by permission from Russian Ideology After Crimea by Andrei Kolesnikov, Carnegie Moscow Center, September 2015 (   Following the annexation of Crimea in March 2014, the Russian public has embraced an increasingly conservative and nationalistic ideology. Ideology in Russia is a mass product that is easy to absorb; it is legitimized by constant references to the past, glorious traditions, and occasionally fictional historical events. The new ideology is based

Ukraine: Six questions behind the march to war in Europe

May 07, 2015
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Paul H. Chapin

For the moment, the war in Ukraine has dropped from the headlines.  But things are happening which could take it to a whole new level of violence and directly involve neighbouring countries. In this article, we offer answers to six questions exploring what’s behind the conflict and why it matters: 1. How dangerous is the current situation? 2. What motivates

Who Killed Boris Nemtsov?

Mar 08, 2015
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The Vimy Report

Who Killed Boris Nemtsov? The Kremlin has loomed over Russia like a colossus, author of and witness to most of the defining moments in that country’s history.  From the Presidential Palace in the Kremlin, you can see the Bolshoi Moskvoretzky Bridge where Russia’s most recent calamity occurred – the murder on February 27 of Boris Nemtsov.  Opposition to the Putin

Off to war in Ukraine?

Feb 16, 2015
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Kurt F. Jensen

Has Prime Minister Harper placed Canada on the path to war? On February 6, the Ottawa Citizen reported that Harper is “promising to campaign for NATO membership” for the Ukraine.  This message has come with no public discourse about the possible implications of such actions.  Seemingly unbeknownst to the Prime Minister are the details of the NATO Agreement of which

Angela Merkel à Washington et à Ottawa : convaincante ?

Feb 14, 2015
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Ferry de Kerckhove

Le spectacle offert par la visite éclair de la chancelière allemande en Amérique du Nord, aux yeux du président Poutine de Russie, n’a pas dû l’impressionner. L’étalage, si discret soit-il, de la divergence fondamentale entre la poursuite pure et simple de la négociation diplomatique, d’un côté, et l’évocation de la possibilité d’armer l’Ukraine pour l’aider à se défendre, ne renforce

5 Books for 2015 Current Events

Five books to explain the world in 2015

Sometimes it takes more than the morning paper and the evening news to understand what’s going on. Herewith five books The Vimy Report recommends to its readers to provide context for today’s fast moving events. Modern Times: The World from the Twenties to the Nineties, by Paul Johnson, Harper Collins, 1991 There’s nothing like a good history of the last