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Malaysia Airlines Flight 17

What does U.S. intelligence know in the aftermath of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17? Not much

According to a recent report, senior U.S. intelligence officials were completely in the dark and continue to be so. Other than a quite-obvious observation that providing arms to pro-Russian rebels in the Ukraine has created the conditions for such a tragedy, intelligence personnel don’t have much else. What they do know: the kind of missile (SA-11 surface-to-air) the attack originated

Five Eyes

What is ‘Five Eyes’?

Jul 22, 2014
The Vimy Report

The “Five Eyes” (otherwise known as FVEY), is an intelligence alliance of the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and New Zealand and is considered the most powerful espionage alliance in history. Led by the United States and United Kingdom after the Second World War, the two countries agreed on intelligence cooperation via the UKUSA Agreement with Canada, Australia and New Zealand


Canada’s intelligence gathering recognized for accuracy

Jul 20, 2014
The Vimy Report

According to a recent study by PNAS (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America), Canada has scored high marks for the high quality of its intelligence gathering. During a six-year period between 2005 and 2011, the results of 1,514 forecasts issued by the Intelligence Assessment Secretariat (IAS) were correct as much as 76 percent of


These are the five U.S. citizens the NSA has been spying on

Jul 10, 2014
The Vimy Report

Glenn Greenwald has revealed the names of five Americans who have been the targets of surveillance by the National Security Agency and FBI because of their political views. Greenwald is the former Guardian contributor who helped Edward Snowden expose the NSA’s activities in late 2012. In order to target American individuals, provisions in the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) require the Justice

Syria Chemical Weapons

Syria’s chemical weapons are being destroyed

Jul 08, 2014
The Vimy Report

This week the Pentagon reports that Syria’s chemical weapons are being destroyed by the U.S. While there has been some speculation that Syria hasn’t been completely forthcoming with handing over the chemicals, the ones received are being handled accordingly. The chemicals, including mustard gas and the raw materials for sarin nerve gas, are being put through special Field Deployable Hydrolysis

Canadian military cuts

Military cuts: who needs training and maintenance?

Jun 29, 2014
The Vimy Report

General Tom Lawson and Deputy Minister Richard Fadden issued a memo to Defence Minister Rob Nicholson on November 20, 2013 with a simple message: recent budget cuts will erode the Canadian military’s readiness. “Without at least maintaining current funding level, we will directly affect the readiness of key fleets of aircraft, ships and army vehicles. This in turn has an

Syria hands over chemical weapons

Syria hands over last of chemical weapons, maybe

Jun 26, 2014
The Vimy Report

The director general for the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons confirmed that Syria has handed over the last of its chemical weapons stockpile. That is, the ones they admitted to having. “I can’t say … that Syria doesn’t have any chemical weapons anymore,” [director general Ahmet] Uzumcu said, while acknowledging that that was true of any country that his

Canada won't participate in missile defence

Canada refuses to participate in missile defence

Jun 24, 2014
The Vimy Report

In a recent article for the National Post, Senator Daniel Lange and retired general Roméo Dallaire argue that it’s critical for Canada to participate in the United States’ ballistic missile defence (BMD) program. Other countries such as Australia, Japan and South Korea are working with the U.S. to build a missile program for protection against the growing threats such as

Terrorist attacks from Iran in Ottawa

Ottawa may or may not be a prime terrorist target

The Ottawa Citizen can’t seem to make up its mind regarding the threat level to the nation’s capital from terrorist organizations. Specifically, the paper calls out Iran as a top candidate for extremist action against Ottawa: But the newly declassified ITAC report raises the spectre of a sophisticated assault by an organization with proven capabilities for political assassinations and bombings.

Canadian man a member of ISIS

Canadian man a member of ISIS

Jun 22, 2014
The Vimy Report

A Calgary man, identified as Farah Mohamed Shirdon has joined the extremist group Islamic State in Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS) fighting in Iraq and Syria. Shirdon is the third man from Calgary known to have joined ISIS fighters in Iraq and Syria. While it may seem strange that a Canadian would join these terrorist groups overseas, Shaikh said these individuals don’t typically