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First clash in Commons over defence issues

Dec 08, 2015

is it safe to buy isotretinoin online HOUSE OF COMMONS, DECEMBER 7, 2015 SPEECH FROM THE THRONE RESUMPTION OF DEBATE ON ADDRESS IN REPLY Hon. Rona Ambrose (Leader of the Opposition, CPC) 

Britain is also at war

Dec 06, 2015

A week after the ISIL attacks in Paris on November 13 , British Prime Minister David Cameron met with French President François Hollande for what

France is at war

Nov 18, 2015

The speech by President François Hollande of France on November 16 is one that ranks with President George W. Bush’s post-9/11 address to a joint

An inside look at the PM’s instructio...

Nov 15, 2015

In a sharp break with the past, the new Canadian government has publicly released what were once highly confidential “mandate letters” by which the Prime

Lest we forget: The Canadian POWs murdered ...

Nov 08, 2015

The following is a reprint of an article entitled Abbaye d’Ardenne, one in a series on Canadian war memorials in France available on the website

Eight recommendations for Canadian security...

Nov 05, 2015

In late September, the Vimy Report published an open letter to Canada’s political party leaders recommending eight measures the next government should take on security

Japan sheds its past, now a military power

Oct 29, 2015

Japan has taken a giant leap forward in its return to the status of a major military power. In September, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s Liberal Democratic

What others thought of our election

Oct 27, 2015

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL The Conservatives’ campaign highlighted Mr. Harper’s role in leading Canada relatively unscathed through the financial crisis and recession, and their ads

The new government’s international po...

Oct 27, 2015

On October 19, Canadians chose Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party to form their next government.  During the election campaign, the Liberals published their plan


O Canada: Who Stands on Guard for Thee?

Sep 27, 2015

Paul H. Chapin, Executive Editor, J.L. Granatstein, Distinguished Research Professor Emeritus, York University BGen (ret) Don Macnamara, Member, Advisory Board, Canadian Global Affairs Institute