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It’s not over in the Crimea: Insurgen...

Nov 23, 2015

Insurgents have attacked Crimea’s power grid. Early on Friday, November 22, saboteurs set explosions which brought down pylons supporting four of the main power lines

Antalya, Turkey: Why on earth are world lea...

Nov 11, 2015

The G-20 summit meeting of world leaders is being held this weekend in Turkey, whose turn it is to host. Turkey’s capital is Ankara and

This is a first in the US. How about for Ca...

Nov 11, 2015

The Pentagon’s principal spy organization is appointing a British Air Force officer as a deputy director.  This appears to be the first time a US spy

The extraordinary NATO summit which exclude...

Nov 03, 2015

The NATO members most threatened by Russia’s aggression in Crimea and eastern Ukraine have signalled they are no longer prepared to leave their fate to

The dangerous great power game in the weste...

Oct 29, 2015

There’s a dangerous great power game being played in the western Pacific. It’s the kind of game that leads to wars. And right now it’s

Our CF-18s are still doing bombing runs in ...

Oct 27, 2015

In its election platform, the incoming Liberal government announced it would end Canada’s combat mission in Iraq and refocus Canada’s military contribution in the region

The Munk debate: Moscow news agency condemn...

Oct 06, 2015

The Russian news agency, Sputnik News, was created by presidential decree to get out the news the way the Kremlin wants it. The day after

High drama and low politics at the United N...

Oct 06, 2015

On Monday last week, President Obama spoke for 45 minutes at the UN in New York. In his speech, he laid out his view of

Lest we forget Afghanistan: We may have lef...

Oct 06, 2015

The Taliban’s unexpected capture of Kunduz on September 27 and its equally swift loss of the northern city a few days later briefly brought Afghanistan

Iran takes a selfie and the IAEA calls it a...

Sep 27, 2015

The Iran nuclear “deal” agreed in July established a “road map” by which Iran would provide assurances it was not building nuclear weapons in return