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Paul H. Chapin

Paul Chapin is Executive Editor of The Vimy Report. He was formerly director-general for international security at Foreign Affairs and Canada’s lead negotiator in the Canada-US talks on Canadian participation in BMD and revision of the NORAD agreement. He can be reached at

Why Trump and Sanders matter — includ...

Feb 15, 2016

Donald Trump is a crypto-fascist and Bernie Sanders is a closet communist. Their main support is coming from racist or delusional people on the political

America’s retreat (1)

Dec 06, 2015

The following is the first part of a two-part analysis of America’s retreat from world leadership and the emergence of new world leaders.  SYNOPSIS Part

The one thing Canada’s veterans reall...

Nov 08, 2015

The new Liberal government has promised several measures to aid Canada’s veterans.  What’s been proposed can be summarized as follows: Lifelong pensions as an option

F-35: Four fallacies that skew public discu...

Nov 06, 2015

Following is a repeat posting of an article which first appeared in The Vimy Report on November 6, 2015 under the title “F-35: Slow down

Seven Reasons why the Iran Nuclear Agreemen...

Jul 22, 2015

The nuclear deal concluded with Iran in Vienna on July 14 has been lauded for contributing to peace in the Middle East and denounced for

The Real Peter MacKay

Jun 02, 2015

Peter MacKay has announced he is retiring from politics and will not be running in the next federal election. His accomplishments were many, beginning with

Canada’s new legal tools to fight ter...

May 23, 2015

What to make of the government’s new anti-terrorism legislation, which has been approved by the House of Commons (183 to 96) and is now being

Ukraine: Six questions behind the march to ...

May 07, 2015

For the moment, the war in Ukraine has dropped from the headlines.  But things are happening which could take it to a whole new level

Middle East

Let war be the road to peace in the Middle ...

Oct 30, 2014

Summary There has been a bloody war in the Middle East since 1947, and obtuse Western policy bears a large measure of responsibility for keeping