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BGen (ret) Dr. James S. Cox

Jim is a former Canadian Army Brigadier-General with extensive UN and NATO operational experience. He is a Senior Fellow with the Macdonald-Laurier Institute. and he also teaches foreign policy and civil-military relations at universities in Ottawa.

Three reasons to end the monarchy in Canada

May 11, 2016

A CERTAIN IDEA OF CANADA: A former permanent undersecretary at the Foreign Office, John Coles, once observed that it was a “certain idea of Britain”

3 Problems with the Upcoming Defence Policy...

Apr 21, 2016

Our first line of defence and the object of all our policy must be to work with other nations to prevent war … The first

No Fight in this Dog

Feb 01, 2016

The so-called Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) is a pathological mixture of perverse extremism, medieval standards and amoral behaviour whose barbarous practices surpass

Three Questions for a Canadian Defence Poli...

Jan 04, 2016

A defence policy for the times There have been considerable geopolitical, strategic, technological and global economic changes since Canada’s last real defence policy statement found

A Military Perspective of Canada’s Mi...

Mar 30, 2015

A MILITARY PERSPECTIVE OF CANADA’S MISSION IN IRAQ By Jim Cox The Government has asked for House of Commons support to extend Canada’s military mission

Canada is not at War in Iraq (and Combat is...

Feb 17, 2015

Matthew Fisher had it right. The recent parliamentary discussion over the role of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) in Iraq is largely foolish and naïve.


Are Canada’s intelligence agencies out of...

Oct 30, 2014

Introduction Canada’s intelligence agencies are regularly in the news for some failing or other, which critics decry as the beginning of the end of Canadians’