About Us

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The Issue

http://mermaidsarereal.co/leukemia In Canada, public discussion of international security affairs is poorly informed. This has led to weak decision-making by governments and produced inferior outcomes for Canadians. A principal reason is that Canadians rarely hear from those with professional experience in the field — in contrast to the situation in the United States, UK, France and elsewhere.

The Value Proposition

online dating what kind of pictures To raise the quality of the national discussions on security and defence issues which matter to Canadians, through injecting “the voice of experience” to help frame discussions and focus attention on the right issues and options.

check The results will be better informed decisions and better outcomes for Canadians.

Target groups will be political leaders, parliamentarians, business leaders, and editorial boards.

The Project

An online publication directed at decision-makers in security and defence, carrying the views of individuals with experience to challenge government on its own ground, backed by a new-style research network conducting expeditious studies on current developments.

Next Steps

The Vimy Report is going to transform how Canadians talk about security and defence. For now, it’s a work in progress. We’re beginning to build the operating team. We need advisors and commentators for the Vimy Board from across the professions. And we need the best minds at Canadian universities to work with us on issues that are going to require decisions.

For information, contact Paul Chapin at pchapin@rogers.com or 613-799-5497 (Canada).