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Do you know this woman? Our defence now depends on her.

General Lori Robinson, US Air Force, is the new commander of NORAD, Canada’s first line of defence in the event of an air or missile attack on North America. On May 13, Gen. Robinson took charge of both the North American Aerospace Defence Command, the joint US-Canada continental warning system, and US Northern Command for US homeland defence.

Lori Robinson is a specialist in AWACS (Airborne Warning and Control System) and air-to-ground battle management. She has logged over 900 flight hours in the E-3B/C Sentry and the E-8C JSTARS surveillance and command/control aircraft. Until her new appointment, Gen. Robinson had been commander of PACAF (Pacific Air Forces) responsible for US air force activities across the Pacific at a time when the operational tempo has been especially intense. Among her accomplishments are that she is one of just two four-star generals in the US Air Force and the first woman to command one of the United States’ six top-tier combatant commands.