Watch for Syrian passports issued by Islamic State

December 15, 2015

buy cheap doxycycline in usa In early December, the investigative wing of the US Department of Homeland Security is reported to have issued an advisory to law enforcement agencies across the United States to watch for individuals carrying authentic-looking Syrian passports which in fact may have been produced by ISIL.

where to buy diflucan pills According to ABC News in New York, an analysis by Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) reported that ISIL first accessed the technology to produce government-quality travel documents when it captured the city of Raqqa in northern Syria. Raqqa has since served as ISIL’s headquarters. The city reportedly had a passport office with at least one passport-printing machine, along with several boxes of blank passports. ISIL acquired a second machine when it took over Deir ez-Zor in eastern Syria. Both machines are reported to be small enough to be portable — and hence may have been spared the recent French and allied bombing of Raqqa. The HSI reports “with moderate confidence” that ISIL has issued authentic-looking Syrian passports to individuals and that some may have used them to travel to Europe and the United States. According to one source, high-quality fake Syrian passports can be purchased on the black market for less than $400 and some government employees will backdate passport stamps for a fee.

Two of the suicide bombers who attacked Paris in November were carrying fake Syrian passports.


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