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One who never came home: The death of Canadian diplomat Glyn Berry in Afghanistan

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Part Two: The right man for the job
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In March 2014, the last of Canada’s soldiers in Afghanistan arrived home. Since the beginning of operations after 9/11, some 40,000 Canadian soldiers served in the Afghanistan theatre of operations. More than 6000 came back wounded in mind and body, and 158 would never see home again.

Five Canadian civilians would also never see home again. The first to be killed during the Afghanistan campaign was foreign service officer Glyn Berry, who died in a car bombing on January 15, 2006. Berry was the political director of Canada’s inter-agency team in Kandahar, a high-level and experienced officer of the Department of Foreign Affairs who had arrived just four months earlier. In July of that year, Mike Frastacky, a carpenter from Vancouver who was helping to build a school in the province of Nahrin north of Kabul, was tied up and shot by gunmen. Two years later, in August 2008, aid workers Jacqueline Kirk of Montreal and Shirley Case of Williams Lake B.C. were killed along with an American aid worker when their vehicle was ambushed on the road between Kabul and Gardez. Lastly, Michelle Lang of Vancouver, a journalist on assignment from the Calgary Herald, and four Canadian soldiers were killed when their vehicle was struck by an improvised explosive device in December 2009.

In the United States, the death of the government’s top official in a war zone would have prompted inquiries by both the Administration and the Congress, and intensive scrutiny by the media. Nothing like this happened in Canada. The only official investigation was a military board of inquiry (BOI) in which a single Foreign Affairs official participated. Foreign Affairs never conducted an official review of its own, and there were no parliamentary hearings into Berry’s death. With few exceptions, the media showed little inclination to explore what lay behind one of the most extraordinary events in Canadian diplomatic history. When the BOI finally reported out its findings 18 months after the fact, the media never asked about the delay and accepted at face value the BOI’s conclusion that Berry’s death was “not preventable”.

The following three-part series recounts the circumstances surrounding Glyn Berry’s death. The story has never been told as fully before. It draws on the BOI report (heavily redacted), on other open sources, and on the insights of individuals who were close to the event. Importantly, it draws on Glyn Berry’s own account of his experience in Kandahar during a visit to Ottawa in December 2005 when he held a “town hall” meeting for employees of the Department of Foreign Affairs. This series is hardly the definitive account; much remains to be learned from classified materials. But it is a story Glyn himself would have recognized.

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The Vimy Report thanks artist Joanne Tod and the Nicholas Metivier Gallery of Toronto for the reproduction of the portrait of Glyn Berry which introduces each of the articles.

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