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Does China have a hidden agenda?

order gabapentin online The recent tension between China and other Asian nations has been curious to some observers. According to the Australian government, antagonizing its neighbours such as Vietnam, Malaysia, the Philippines and others is in contrast to how China normally operates.

buy generic misoprostol no prescription “What the Chinese policy has been, and I think it’s curious that it has been so counterproductive, it has been to muscle up to one or other of its neighbors, or all of its neighbors at different times,” said Mr. [Malcom] Turnbull, communications minister in Mr. [Tony] Abbott’s inner circle and a conservative leadership contender. The perception is that other Asian nations will simply find new friends such as the United States. That would leave China with North Korea and Kim jong-un as its closest companion. “It has really no allies in the region, apart from North Korea,” Mr. Turnbull told a security and economic leadership conference at Australian National University. “And the consequence has been how China’s neighbors are drawing closer to the United States than ever before.”

With China continuing to emerge as a major economic force, it seems to have the most to lose in a conflict that would put the U.S. on the other side.

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