Camping in North Korea

Worst idea of the day: camping in North Korea

Forget Disneyland, the Loire Valley or the Great Barrier Reef. If you’re looking for an international holiday experience, look no further than the nearest genocidal Asian nation. In its effort to attract more foreign tourists/prisoners, North Korea is promoting its exotic camping destinations in the mountains of Myohyang and Kumgang.

Koryo Tours, which organized the first 10-day camping trip last month, claims this is the first time anyone has been allowed to set up a tent and stay in the mountains.

“This was as much a treat for the guides as they had never done this before either,” its website reads.

The group of about 10 westerners hiked 79 kilometers during the entire tour, or about 28 kilometers per day. The travelers also got to visit landmarks on both mountains, such as the Kumgang Waterfall and Lake Sam Il Po.

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