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Syria strikes back at ISIS

Syria strikes back at ISIS

Syria has launched a series of airstrikes on the Syrian city of Raqqa, currently being held by the Islamic State of Iraq and Al-Sham (ISIS). This action comes after an alleged airstrike in Iraq on the insurgents from the Syrian military. Washington however, suggested that Syria can’t be a solution to Iraq’s problems:

“The solution to the threat confronting Iraq is not the intervention of the Assad regime, which allowed [ISIS] to thrive in the first place,” said Bernadette Meehan, a National Security Council spokeswoman. “The solution to Iraq’s security challenge does not involve militias or the murderous Assad regime, but the strengthening of the Iraqi security forces to combat threats.”

Considering the Iraqi forces have been easily routed in recent weeks by ISIS, some wonder whether the U.S. will get more deeply involved sooner than later.

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