Canada and Russia relations

Russia: sorry Canada, we’re just not that into you

In a recent interview with the Canadian Press, Russian Ambassador Georgiy Mamedov said Russia learned nothing of value from information provided by former Canadian navy officer Jeffrey Delisle.

Delisle began selling Western military secrets in 2007, and over the course of four years Mamedov claims that nothing they received registered much more than a yawn.

“Russia gained nothing whatsoever,” he said. “If you ask your special services, they will say it was mostly their problem and not our adventure.”

It might have been that the information Delisle had was too low-level to be of much interest, or there simply isn’t anything happening in Canada that is making a difference to the global war on terror.

Mamedov characterized the Delisle affair as a distracting sideshow from the more serious intelligence-sharing operations that he said keeps countries safe from terrorist attacks, and other threats.

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