Extremists take over Iraq’s biggest oil refinery

Everyone confirms extremists take over Iraq’s biggest oil refinery; state says, “What takeover?”

In the age of information where multiple sources are easily found to independently confirm a situation, it is startling to see the state attempt to try to control the message.

The refinery in Baiji, north of Baghdad has been under attack and the Sunni extremists are in control, as confirmed by eyewitnesses, refinery workers and an Iraqi army officer. Not surprisingly, a military spokesman is either lying or completely out of the loop.

In a televised statement, an Iraqi military spokesman, Gen. Qassim Atta, denied that the Baiji refinery had fallen.

“Baiji is now under control of our security forces, completely,” said General Atta, appearing on Iraqiya, the state television channel, hours after ISIS fighters had apparently taken over the refinery.

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